Announcing The APT Solo Challenge

APT Solo Challenge
The USA Bass Trails (BLT), Angler’s Pro Tackle & Outdoors (APT) and Scott Gordon have teamed up to bring premium level “Open” Solo tournaments to the DFW area lakes in 2014. We are all very excited to be able to provide a high level entry fee Solo tournament program in 2014. We encourage anglers that are interested to contact us and give us your thoughts. As we move through the 2014 schedule, we will be tweaking the program so that a quality Solo trail can emerge in 2015.* The entry fees are $200 per tournament
* These will be “Open” tournaments and no membership required
* Trailering will be allowed
* The payout is will be based on 1 place paid per 5 entries.
* The schedule is as follows:
Squaw Creek Jan 26
Texoma Mar 23
Ray Roberts April 27
Lewisville Jun 29
Cedar Creek July 13
* There will be a $1,000 APT gift Certificate bonus given to the Angler of the Year, plus free entry into the 2015 schedule
* There will be a $500 APT gift certificate awarded to the winner at each tournament
* A website will be up soon with all the details at .Note: Please contact Scott Gordon at 214-801-2611 with any questions.


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