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How To Use A Bobber Stop To Peg Your Flipping Weight

Here is a great video on how to peg you weight when flipping in cover or on your conventional Texas rigged plastic. We get ask in the store all the time how to do this, so we thought we would post a video to show you.

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Deps Slide Swimmer 175 For Sale

Trying to get your hands on the amazing Deps Slide Swimmer 175 or Slide Swimmer 250 We’ve got them here at Angler’s Pro Tackle and will try to keep them in stock as these swim baits are in extremely high demand right now. Add the slide swimmer 175 or slide swimmer to your tackle box today and you won’t be disappointed. Watch Butch Brown in action with his signature swim bait. The Deps slide swimmer 175 is currently the most popular of all the slide swimmer baits available.

  • Butch Brown slide swimmer
  • Deps slide swimmer
  • Deps slide swimmer 250 (new for 2015)

Xcite Baits Baby Ubershad Slideshow

Xcite Baits Baby Ubershad comes in six (6) – Check them all out at our store and order online.

Check out all of our Xcite Baits

Some of the other top baits from Xcite include:

  • Xcite Baits Ubershad
  • Xcite Baits XB-1
  • Xcite Baits Raptor Tail

Tungsten Fishing Weights | Tungsten Jig Heads

Tungsten fishing weights dirt cheap from Angler’s Pro Tackle

tungstent fishing weights & jig heads

If you are looking for the cheapest online prices for tungsten weights you’ve come to the right place for all your fishing tackle needs.

Angler’s Pro Tackle has a wide selection of tungsten for fishing enthusiasts of every level.

  • Tungsten Jig Heads
  • Tungsten Worm Weights
  • Tungsten Bullet Weights
  • Tungsten Drop Shot Weights
  • Tungsten Cylinder Weights

Still trying to figure out some of the benefits of fishing tungsten weights vs. lead? Check out this short video that will help you decide if tungsten fishing weights are right for you.

Save on your tungsten fishing weights and jig heads today at Angler’s Pro Tackle

Tungsten Fishing Weights | Tungsten Weights For Fishing Wholesale Prices from Viral Video on Vimeo.

How to Hook a Grandebass Baby Rattlesnake Lure

Rattlesnake lure anglers have found success with the Grandebass baby rattlesnake. We found a great video below on how to hook a Grandebass baby rattlesnake lure. Be sure to visit us online to check out Angler’s Pro Tackle line of Grandebass Lures