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How To Use A Bobber Stop To Peg Your Flipping Weight

Here is a great video on how to peg you weight when flipping in cover or on your conventional Texas rigged plastic. We get ask in the store all the time how to do this, so we thought we would post a video to show you.

If you’re looking for bobber stops you can find them on our store site at

Tungsten Fishing Weights | Tungsten Jig Heads

Tungsten fishing weights dirt cheap from Angler’s Pro Tackle

tungstent fishing weights & jig heads

If you are looking for the cheapest online prices for tungsten weights you’ve come to the right place for all your fishing tackle needs.

Angler’s Pro Tackle has a wide selection of tungsten for fishing enthusiasts of every level.

  • Tungsten Jig Heads
  • Tungsten Worm Weights
  • Tungsten Bullet Weights
  • Tungsten Drop Shot Weights
  • Tungsten Cylinder Weights

Still trying to figure out some of the benefits of fishing tungsten weights vs. lead? Check out this short video that will help you decide if tungsten fishing weights are right for you.

Save on your tungsten fishing weights and jig heads today at Angler’s Pro Tackle

Tungsten Fishing Weights | Tungsten Weights For Fishing Wholesale Prices from Viral Video on Vimeo.

How to Hook a Grandebass Baby Rattlesnake Lure

Rattlesnake lure anglers have found success with the Grandebass baby rattlesnake. We found a great video below on how to hook a Grandebass baby rattlesnake lure. Be sure to visit us online to check out Angler’s Pro Tackle line of Grandebass Lures


APT Solo ChallengeWe are very pleased to announce a new Solo Trail provided by USA Bass Trails LLC. Anglers Pro Tackle will be the title sponsor and we are very excited to offer a $200 entry fee Solo trail in 2014.

2014 Schedule

* Jan 26 Squaw Creek (make your own reservations)
* Mar 23 Texoma
* Apr 27 Ray Roberts
* Jun 29 Lewisville
* July 13 Cedar Creek

There will be a $35 membership and the anglers who enter 4 of the 5 APT tournaments or finish in the top 50%, having entered at least 3 APT tournaments, will qualify for all 7 Regional Championships in the 2014 Bud Light Trail and Bass N Bucks tournament programs.

The long term goal will be for the APT Solo Challenge to have it’s own championship once we see what the participation will be from anglers and sponsors.

Sponsor incentives will be announced shortly. We believe you will be pleased with what will be offered by our current sponsors, to the APT Solo anglers, in just our first year.

For more info and to keep up with the standings as the season progresses, click here or go to


Where Did The Time Go?

Thanksgiving is over, and Christmas is just around the corner. This year has flown by! We’ve had a busy year for sure, with the opening of the new store, getting it filled, and all of the website improvements. The work never seems to end. Angler's Pro Tackle & Outdoors|

Patti and I want to express our gratitude for the support you folks have shown. It has been unanimous the response we’ve gotten on the new location and the addition of all the new products. As time goes on we will continue to strive to be the leader in selection and price.

Here is a rundown of all I can remember that we got done in 2013.

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