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Xcite Baits Baby Ubershad Slideshow

Xcite Baits Baby Ubershad comes in six (6) – Check them all out at our store and order online.

Check out all of our Xcite Baits

Some of the other top baits from Xcite include:

  • Xcite Baits Ubershad
  • Xcite Baits XB-1
  • Xcite Baits Raptor Tail

Honey Hole Television Show Changing Times

Honey Hole Outdoors

Beginning in January Honey Hole All Outdoors will be airing Sunday mornings at 6:30am in HD. Be sure to note the change on your DVR’s beginning on January 5th.

We Now Stock St Croix Rods

st croix rods logo

St croix legend

St Croix has been a leader in the rod industry since 1948, and still are today. The many innovations, and engineering achievements they’ve made has helped keep them the leader. We are proud to announce that we now carry the American made St Croix rods.

I would put these sticks up against any I’ve seen in the market, even the higher priced rods from across the big water. Their bass rods are light sensitive, and have all the right actions.

Their panfish series are second to none in my opinion. Extremely light, and sensitive. You will be able to st croix panfish seriesfeel a crappie breath on your offering. The craftsmanship that goes into these rods is very impressive.

Come out and see for yourself what St Croix has to offer.