Welcome To Pro Tackle Forum – By Angler’s Pro Tackle & Outdoors


We are busy redesigning the website. Our goal is to use this forum to keep you up to date with what’s going on at our retail stores, and online. Things are constantly changing in the fishing tackle world. It’s even hard for us to keep up with it and we’re in the business, so we hop we can offer you some insight on what’s going on in our changing sport.

For those of you who are not familiar with Angler’s Pro Tackle & Outdoors, let me give you a little history. Founded in 2009 by Rick & Patti Wallace. Our hope was to build a retail business where fishermen could find the products they need and want. We have all experienced the frustration of visiting one of the so called big box stores only to find they don’t have the newest and best products on the shelf. In more cases than not they are peddling their house brands, which are inferior to the baits and lures they knocked off.

We are different. We spend countless hours searching for the best of the best fishing tackle to offer our customers. The lures and baits that are being used on the tour. Those little secrets that the pro’s use to win tournaments and put more fish in the boat.

We want to pass that information on to you here in the form of product spotlights, reviews, and feedback from you who are reading this. Over the next few days we will be finishing out the website and adding content. Look forward to hearing from you.


What say you?