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Turn Your Old Gear Into Cash

rods and reels

How many of us have a rack like this in our bedroom, or in the garage that is filled with rods and reels we no longer use? We all do, right? Well you can turn those rods and reels into cash for new gear!

We have a consignment program and a buy out program where you can trade in that old gear and get new stuff. The consignment program works like this.

– You set the price
– We sell your stuff and keep a small commission
– You can then either take your cash or spend it in the store.

It’s that simple. No more flea markets, or trade days. No more having to load and unload your stuff. No tables and chairs to drag around. You can leave your stuff in the store till it sells or pick it up anytime you want.

We are selling 30-40 pre owned rods and reels per week. To find out more give us a call at 817-503-2333. Presently we only offer this program to in store customers.