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River2Sea Spittin’Wa Catches Fish!

River2Sea Poppin Wa FrogThe new River2Sea Spittin’ Wa is a hollow body frog bait of two sizes that has unique keel shaped and mouth design which makes it has 3 in 1 function – Spit, Chug and Walk. The Spittin’ Wa is the frog for when you need a little more commotion.  A cupped, popping mouth with bubble jets that leave a bubble trail behind to draw more strikes.  Spittin’ Wa is extremely versatile, an excellent walking frog or use short, aggressive pops for a solid chugging sound.

We’ve had them in the store for a coupl weeks now and I can’t wait to get out on the water and try’em out. But since it’s cold right now, check out this video that shows how good it works!

For more information on the River2Sea Spittin’ Wa Frog click here. 

New Strike King Poppers In Stock

Strike King KVD Splash


Designed to the specifications of legendary professional angler, Kevin VanDam, the Strike King HC KVD Splash offers a devastating combination of spitting, chugging, and walking. Its narrow nose allows the angler to easily produce an amazing walking action and its cupped mouth provides a substantial surface commotion that bass have trouble resisting. Built entirely with quality components, the Strike King HC KVD Splash features 3D eyes, a feathered treble hook for a natural action, and an incredibly realistic paint job – all at a competitive price point that won’t hurt the billfold. If you enjoy the adrenaline-pumping action of topwater fishing then you’re going to love the Strike King HC KVD Splash.

Savage Gear Has Arrived

Savage GearWe had been hearing a lot about Savage Gear, so we decided to order in some. I’m glad we did! This stuff looks very fishy! Come by the store and check it out.