Top 25 Large Mouth Bass Fishing Blogs


Top 25 Bass Fishing Blogs

These blogs are rated in no particular order, they all have interesting content and will make you a better angler if you browse the articles and videos that are presented inside each website that is listed here.

Bass Pundit – This blog has been around since 2004 and contains lots of personal fish catching stories.

Bass East Blog – A site claimed to be “For Angler … By Anglers” This blog has several focused technique based articles and personal stories from tournament anglers.

Boyd Ducket Blog – This blog focuses on Boyd Ducket and the products of his sponsors which include laserlure, mercury, pure fishing, rat l trap, triton boats, and tru tungsten.
Bass Fishing Tackle Reviews – Bass Fishing Tackle Reviews has stories on baits and bass fishing equipment found in the tackle store as well as popular videos from around the web covering a variety of bass fishing topics.

Bass Fishing in Minnesota- Bass fishing in Minnesota is the topic, all topics from tournaments, locations, techniques, and lures are discussed in this Minnesota focused bass fishing website, even some information about Musky fishing.

I am a Bass Fisherman – I am a bass fisherman is proudly not the bass fishing website with a right wing angle or agenda. There is some good reviews of tackle and bass fishing products.
Tami Curtis – Check out the Tami Curtis blog to get in depth information as well as lots of videos that have great interactions with lots of bass fishing professionals and others from the fishing industry.

BassFan Dock Talk – The Bass Fan Dock Talk blog covers all kinds of bass fishing news from angler rumors, sponsor announcements, tournament details and other unique bass fishing current events / stories.

Wired2Fish – Wired 2 Fish contains product reviews, tips and techniques for fishing and stories about professional bass fisherman.

Bass Fishing Tricks – A site with several different articles pertaining bass fishing and specific product highlights.

Rich Lindgren’s Bassin Blog – The Rich Lindgren’s blog

Bass Zone – In the House Video Blog – In the house is a fun video blog that goes into the house and garage “personal tackle shops” of professional bass fisherman.

Rattletrap Ramblings – From the about us page My name is Hojin in Windermere, FL and you guessed it… I love throwin that trap around. This blog is about my quest to figure out how to become a pro bass angler

The Wired Angler – The wired angler is filled with superb bass fishing articles about all types of topics. The wired Angler is also dedicated to the testing and discussion of many prototype lures and is fun to look at lots of random new ideas that are being developed to catch a bass, especially with swimbaits.

Lunker Hunt – The Lunker Hunt is a blog focused on an individuals pursuit to accomplish fishing goals. The angler that is focused in the blog appears to be a fly fisherman and is pursuing his passion of bass fishing with a fly rod in hand.

Professional Angler Skeet Reese – The blog for professional bass fisherman Skeet Reese. Covering his sponsors, tournaments and special content.

Professional Angler Mike Iaconelli Video Blog – The blog for professional bass fisherman Michael Iconelli. Covering his sponsors, tournaments and special content.

Bass Feed Bass Fishing Podcast – Bass feed is exactly that it is a nicely laid out website that is serving several very relevant feeds for bass fishing from Bassmaster to FLW for tournament news and other sites for additional content that is placed in the site through those respective RSS feeds.

FLW Tips and Techniques – FLW outdoors tips and techniques are tactics discussed by active FLW anglers.

BassMaster Tips – tips and techniques are tactics discussed by active BassMaster anglers that demonstrate successful tournament winning techniques after the tournaments.

Bass Resource How To Videos – Videos that cover bass fishing in several how to videos. An excellent collection of popular fishing videos on Youtube that are dedicated to teaching people how to become better anglers.

Pro Bass – The Complete Bass Fishing Resource – Has lists and lists of articles and content about bass fishing.

Bass Sense – Covers general fishing news as well as tournament fishing news.

Ranger Boats News Releases – Ranger boats a premier bass fishing boat company press releases page discusses all issues that are currently going on at Ranger Boats

Bassdozer Expert Bass Fishing Articles – Saving one of the best resources for bass fishing of the entire internet. Bassdozer articles cover almost every technique, whether pattern, or potential situation an angler may encounter while on the water. Bassdozer library of content is immense and very deep and worth spending time sifting through the articles to identify the ones that can best benefit you as an angler.

Have a Different Favorite???

There are tons of great blogs out there so if you have a favorite that was not on the list please log in and leave the blog URL in the comments.

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